I'm Slávka!

  • Textile design student

  • Borås | Sweden

I'm an enthusiastic and creative being, always ready for new adventures. My passion for textiles began in my teenage years; I used to sneak into my mom's sewing corner to experiment with fabrics, threads and trimmings and alter my clothes. My curiosity to try different techniques like embroidery, dyeing, weaving and mending has later led me to experiencing the textiles in more conceptual ways and I tried to both make patterns for clothes and recycle beautiful second hand textiles to create new objects. Growing up in a family where the love for nature was omnipresent and sustainability incorporated into everything, has influenced not only my view on fashion and textiles, but also gave me strong environmental mindset useful in all other areas of life.

During my fashion studies in Copenhagen, Denmark, and fashion design internship in Kerala, India, I've begun to learn more about slow fashion and become very passionate about its forms, especially hand stitching and natural dyeing - so much in fact that for my graduation project I made use of these methods again. Although working with fashion and clothing has provided me with a lot of valuable experience, I yearned to have deeper understanding of the theory behind and more insight into processes that happen before a ready-made fabric lays on a table of a fashion designer, waiting to be made into a garment. I believe textile designers have the opportunity to create a shift towards more sustainable future and I'm very excited to become one of them.

At the moment I'm studying textile design at University of Borås, Sweden, where I'm working on different projects within material and colour theory, weaving, knitting and non-woven materials as well as various explorations of textiles and their forms and expressions.

2019 - 2022       Textile Design (BA)
                    Borås, Sweden

2015 - 2017       Sustainable Fashion

                    KEA, Københavns Erhvervsakademi

                    Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 - 2019       Junior Knitwear Designer & Stylist
                    Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 - 2017       Fashion & Lifestyle Design (Internship)
                    Kara Weaves
                    Cochin, Kerala, India
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