pattern & print

Potato prints (watercolor on paper)


Collaboration with a design studio Rotor on their Christmas pattern collection

Novem novus


Pattern collection for a poster inspired by a Swedish textile design collective 10-gruppen (group work consisting of individual patterns)

Theme of the poster: connectivity, technology and communication

Dizzy: the pattern represents overwhelming impact of being connected all the time, everywhere and with everyone and how can this connectivity leave us feeling drained, exhausted and dizzy

Print design process:


(1) Selecting a few shapes from a watercolour painting

(2) Making a pattern

(3) Designing digital pattern in b/w and halftone for texture, used for

    transferring onto the screen

(4) Two colours overprint on natural linen

(5) Screen print with pink pigment paste on cotton calico

(6) Interior use for bedlinen

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