material:       cotton fabric & threads, beads, mirror

technique:      inspired by Indian mirror work, this tiny piece is

                embroidered on indigo dyed cotton fabric using colorful

                threads, glass beads and little mirror

material:       wool  |  woven

technique:      sewing folded edges of the fabric to create 3D shaped square

                surface that is rough on the face side and soft and bubbly on

                the back side

material:       fibers of different qualities (organic cotton, hemp, flax,

                wool, dog hair), lurex yarn

technique:      avocado dye, non woven, needle punch machine

material:       viscose satin

technique:      break-down print with pigment pastes

Print design process:


(1) Selecting a few shapes from a watercolour painting

(2) Making a pattern

(3) Designing digital pattern in b/w and halftone for texture, used for

    transferring onto the screen

(4) Two colours overprint on natural linen

(5) Screen print with pink pigment paste on cotton calico

(6) Interior use for bedlinen

Using printing & dyeing textile techniques to mimick the textures and feelings of the images

original                                       textile print

material:       mercerized cotton

technique:      flour reserveage with black pigment dye

original                                       textile print

material:       viscose satin

technique:      screen print, break-down overprint with reactive and pigment

                print pastes

original                                       textile print

material:       mercerized cotton

technique:      shibori, space dyeing, break-down print with reactive dyes

                and a pearl pigment dye

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